Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eco le Kua

There had been whispers about another gay bar opening. And it seems that it is true. I received an email about the new bar, Eco le Kua. The grand-opening takes place this Saturday, March 27, 2010. You can rest assured that I will be there checking the place out. The email (and web presence) lays out some creative programming. Every Friday night from 8 - 11pm will be 2x1 and there will be male and female strippers. On Wednesday's they will be open and charge RD$150 to get in, but you can bring what you want to drink. Interesting.

Like I said. I wouldn't miss it.

Calle La Isabela la Catolica #277
Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo


Anonymous said...

same street as Hodelpa! Interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in hearing your opinion after your visit. How does a bar work when there are both male and female strippers and who is the target audience. Gay men and lesbians or gay men and straight men. How does a bar make money charging 150 pesos to enter but allowing patrons to bring their own drinks? Let me know.