Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Photo by Paul Culver
Been very lazy over the last week. It seems that the heat is starting to rear its ugly head again. It is always 'hot' here, it just seems like the humidity is picking up. There are predictions that it is going to be an active hurricane season. And feel the same way for some strange reason. This past winter was unseasonably cool. Not complaining, but seemed like it was too nice. The last couple of weeks I have been traveling around the country taking day trips with friends. Hoping to go to Bani this weekend for their carnaval. We'll see.

There were many things that happened that I had been wanting to blog about. But I will just put them here at the bottom with the links:
Zoe Saldana was in the country (along with Wyclef Jean) to accept a Casandra award. She was beautiful and radiant, as per usual, and exuding Hollywood glah*mour. She was also honored at the presidential palace with the country's highest honor.

Here is an inspirational story of a young baseball player and his family.

Interview with Dominican Writer Junot Diaz, who has a new piece published in this week's New Yorker magazine.
For those looking for hamburger while looking at women with beautiful breasts, then you will be happy to know that Hooters has just opened an outpost in Republica Dominicana. Located in Acropolis Center.I had wanted to write about Rita Indiana, a young dynamic Dominican singer who is generating a lot of buzz. There is a photo of her online kissing her lover. Yes, in the Dominican Republic. She showed up to the Casandra Awards like it was just normal to show up with the person you are dating. Right? Well, anyway I was surprised and shocked at how she is not bothered. How beautiful AND courageous. I wanted to do something specifically about her, but Blabbeando has written a great piece about her that includes videos. It just makes me even more proud of her. It doesn't hurt that she is also a great musician with her own distinctive style.
The Cha family lost one of their bartenders. He was killed being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rest in peace, Juan Carlos.


Anonymous said...


Love your blog, Thank you for your work. There is a new bar in Santiago. It is Monaco and is located in the same space where Krash was. The owner is VERY nice and personable. He is Carlos. The crowd this past Saturday was very nice, drinks very reasonable and not watered down. Music was great and I hope it lasts. We in Santiago do not have many options. Check it out when you can. Not many bugarrons, more local gays. Very nice atmosphere.

Johnny said...

I have not been here in a long time, and there is so much information. I am actually in Santiago, but would love to find a place where a tourist can go to get a good BUGARRON. Do you know of such a place? Great blog! And I remember the bartender he was the only one @ Cha without attitude. RIP

Anonymous said...

Well AM, thanks for the update! But I have an observation and comment! It’s very nice to see two female kissing and its all great and all that, kudos to Degeneres!
But let it be 2 guys and you will see all hell break through! The cardinal and pope and president will be on them so fast it would make their heads turn.
Oh lets not for get since they are celebrities they are able to get away with this act and kissing and all over each other! 2 females will always get away with this seen! But if it was 2 males we will be blasted and talked about so fast!! I have just got back from another Island call Aruba! They are the same! Gay male are so suppress, but gay female are more Liberal to act and get away with such acts and behavior. As gay males we once again have such a long way to go.

Greg said...

I met Juan last November. He seemed like a nice guy. The other two bartenders were also very nice. My condolences to his friends and family.

John K said...

Great stuff! C and I watched clips of the Casandra Awards this past Sunday on Santo Domingo Invita and I found the young "art critic" discussing, praising and panning the outfits one of the best parts of the show.

SDI did show Zoe Saldana several times. She looked radiant. She also is on the cover of this month's Essence, and participates in a multi-page interview.

Rita Indiana is also a talented writer. I bought one of her books (La estrategia de Chocueca) online after seeing her, where else, talk about all her projects, in film, writing, and everything else, on SDI. It's really cool that she was and is so out. More power to her.

Anonymous said...

Proceed with CAUTION!!! A few blocks from Parque Duarte there is a bar Balagon, gay and the type of place where you will find bugarrons. However, along with that comes the danger of being a vic. Use your street smarts and by all means be sure they understand you. It is imperative to have an agreement up front. Also, in the day there is some cruising in Parque Duarte and bugarrons. BE CAREFUL because there are also police observing the scene. If you are not bi lingual I do not suggest you try this. Another option is to befriend a local gay. Most are OK and can assist.

Paul said...

The Junot Diaz article in the New yorker was quite good I thought.

Johnny said...

To blogger 8:57 GRACIAS! I have been around that park but I am VERY afraid. Some friends of mine have been vics in the past so I try very hard not to become one too. I also find Santiago so much more dangerous than Santo Domingo and the Puerto Plata, but these boys are SO LOVELY here. I have local friends who tell me to stay clear of the bugarrons, but the heart wants what the heart wants! Thanks again, J

Anonymous said...

I do not bother with bugarrons anywhere. It just is not worth it. Santiago is no more dangerous than anywhere else. I am here, have family here. Of course, it helps to be bi lingua. In general I tell my friends unless they are willing to pay the consequences do not deal with bugarrons. The park can be dangerous. I have a partner and we are very happy. Be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santiago is beautiful and there is a lot to do. In the sector Millon there are several parks and they are safer. You can if you are bilingual meet some interesting men. Good luck. BE CAREFUL

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and thank you for writing about Juan Carlos. Very nice gentleman.