Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Been doing nothing much lately but bullshitting. Being lazy. Yesterday was incredibly hot. The kind of heat that as soon as you open your door you want to go back inside. Not temperature-wise, but the humidity. Today is MUCH better.

Heard about a new gay club that opened last Friday. I have been told different variations on the name, so I will wait until I can confirm its name and location.

Been taking a few trips lately. Most of my little trips lately have been to the interior of the country, and I have been neglecting the coast. I have rectified this as I have been to beach at Guayacanes three times in the last week. Yesterday I went with friends, Bennie and James, to celebrate James' 39th birthday. The beach or the river is where you go on really hot days. I love just being able to get up and go. Or do nothing at all. Mostly, I just love not having a set 9-5 schedule and being spontaneous.

While in Guayacanes the other day I noticed a house that I saw for sale on the internet. While driving by there was a gentleman sitting out front. I decided to ask him if we could see the place. All he could say was no. He was most gracious and kind and took us on a tour of this 'compound.' It is the only way to describe it. You walk in and you have your own private oasis. And it can all be yours for a couple million dollars.

The decor is very dark, with lots of wood and a seemingly masculine aesthetic. It didn't say beach house at all to me. There is a lot of great art throughout. But it screams privacy, wide-open space, Caribbean sea, and did I mention privacy. It has a main house with 4 bedrooms, and a guest house with 4 bedrooms. There is a professional kitchen, game room, security system/cameras, just everything you need to move right in. Everything is for sale, the house and all the furnishings.One can at least dream. I hope to post more this week. Also wanted to say hola to the man with the beautiful eyelashes. I am thinking of you.


Diandra said...

So happy that you took the time out of your enviable life to find my dream house. And when I win the power ball tonight you can draw up the papers, and please include your commission!

Anonymous said...

Damn!! Where is Dr. Leon when you need him?? Tsk Tsk

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, anyone interested in forming a RELP [Real Estate Limited Partnership, for those who are not familiar]?

Anonymous said...

Sigh ... they all have those long eye lashes

Anonymous said...

i guess i should say thanks to the man who finds my eyelashes beautiful, see u soon

Anonymous said...

Hey AM,
This is a true story: I was trying to do 3 things at once while reading your Blog and glaced past the line that said "very dark, with lots of wood and a seemingly masculine" and thought, "Oooooh delicious, just my type!"
Then once I had time to actually read it I realized you were talking about a house, dammit. Greetings from the California High Desert. Mark W.