Monday, April 12, 2010

JetBlue Spring Sale

JetBlue is having its 10th anniversary spring sale with some great fares.

From New York City (JFK)

From Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

From San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU)


strong4u said...

Anthony, you're the best! I'm booking my flight this week! Bj in philly

Anonymous said...

Is the fare of $39.00 for the return flight too or do they get you on the return flight?. Or is it 2 passengers to a seat?

Anonymous said...

I just flew out of Puerto Plata. I would advise anyone to avoid this airport. After you go past the security guard with your carry on bag, they tell you this and that are "not allowed" (such as a fold up umbrella, plastic bic-type shavers, etc) and proceed to take your things. The things they claim are forbidden are allowed by any other airport. So the passenger has no way of knowing. They have a big pile of the stolen loot. I complained to an official and was told to write a letter. Besides which, the airport isn't air conditioned and very humid. For the airport fees I paids, I could at least wait in comfort. They have a loud band playing noise they call music with a sign asking for propinas. For what, giving me a headache? I'll use Santo Domingo next time.