Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday!

This past Sunday was my 42nd birthday. I started celebrating on Friday night. Friday night seemed like there was electricity in the air. It was a payday, and most people got their extra holiday pay, which is mandated by the government. Started out at Jay-Dee's and then went to Arena, where they had a really nice show. Saturday night I went to Jay-Dee's to see the strippers, it was great! Sunday, a friend with a beautiful apartment in the Colonial Zone, Mark, threw a little dinner party at his place. The menu was simple and elegant, Spiced Meat Cornmeal & Cheddar Cobbler, Ambrosia, and a fresh green salad. For dessert there was a beautiful chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and dulce de leche filling, along with some French Vanilla ice cream. Everyone was greeted with Peppermint Vodka Martinis. Just yummy!! No one wanted their photos on the blog (except for David), so I just took some photos of the food and decor.

Last night, Joan Guzman, the WBO World lightweight champion fought against Antonio Davis last night @ the Sports Palace. As expected, Joan won. It seemed like the whole country was watching and cheering Joan on to victory. Oscar de la Hoya was at the fight looking very dapper. Tonight, Shakira is at the Sports Palace gyrating and doing her thing. The weather is in the 70's and there is NO humidity, so it is a great night for a concert.

I received an email about a party that is taking place this weekend on the 22nd of December. It is a private party where you need to RSVP to attend. This is the kind of party where there will be a more refined Gay Dominican. So, if you want to attend, leave the "boyfriend" at home. Know what I mean? (copy of the flyer below)

Okay, I know many of you are probably tired of hearing about Dreamgirls, BUT I'M NOT! I don't know when, if ever, they are going to show it here in the DR, but I have got to see this movie. Anyone coming down and you just happen to have a "copy" of the movie, CALL ME!

Okay, more later.
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Mario Sessions said...

Happy Belated Birthday Anthony I wish I was there with you.

T-D Moderator said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!!! Don't you worry, I'm counting the days until Christmas so I can see the movie. We'll make sure you get to see it also.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Anthony, may you be blessed with many more.Whom ever gave the party in your honor did a really nice job, my hat off to them.Wish I could have been there to celebrat the event with you, but given the fact I was not, am happy you had a great time.Sounds like you had a super weekend has well. I tired to send u an e/mail but it came back to me so check to see if your service is working ok, thanks Jim From Houston P.S. Happy Holidays to you has well, may they be special in many small ways...

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of the food is making me hungry. I hope you had a happy birthday!

See you soon,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday! We have to drink to that. I'm taking Johnnie to SD with me...Johnnie Walker that is! See you soon!
From Puerto Rico,