Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is It Something in the Water?

-- I have touched on this theme in the past. I have always been fascinated with some of the people who move here. There are a great number of people who live here, mind their business and just go on with their lives. Then, there are the others. I think of it as sort of South America right after the second World War. Some people come to re-invent themselves. In the "Norma Desmond," and "Blanche DuBois" vein. Dr. Leon being just the most famous example. But, truth be told, there are others.

There are those who come and rent apartments and then furnish them with tens of thousands of dollars of furniture. I mean the apartment has to be fabulous. How else would one entertain the Ambassador to Brazil? You hear st
ories of great deals in the works. There are dinners with the creme of Dominican society, along with talks of houses being built in the most exclusive communities. You are invited to smart little dinner parties where the food is gourmet, but the conversation is extremely phony. You are regaled with stories of the former apartment on Central Park South that was photographed for Architectural Digest.

Of course it could all be true. What do I know?

But then the "boyfriend," who has been promised a house, car and trips abroad, tells you that there is no food in the refrigerator. And now he doesn't think anything that was ever said is true. The maid whispers to you that she hasn't b
een paid in over a month. Finally, the phone and electricity is disconnected. Cars were always rented before, just until the Porsche Cayenne could be custom ordered and shipped to the country. Now, you have decided that it is better to walk and take cabs.

Then one day you leave the country. Rent is not paid. Instead of worrying about your problems, your main concern is whether people think you are poor.

Apartment and furniture gone. None of the projects/businesses materialize. And all I keep thinking is WHY? I just don't understand. Why go through ALL that?

-- The weather is starting to change. Not drastically, but I'm now able to detect the Caribbean changes in season. It is starting to get hotter in the daytime. But it cools down nicely at night. Bring on summer!

-- A lot of "oldies" artists having been coming through lately. Jefferson "We built this city on rock & roll" Starship were here. And just recently K. C. & The Sunshine Band were just here at the theater in the Hotel Jaragua. That past weekend it was C & C Music Factory, along with Technotronic. The latest Latin acts like Aventura and Enrique Iglesias were here playing the stadiums. Unfortunately if you want any up-to-date American acts the above named artists are it.

-- I was contacted recently by someone whose photo appeared in the item I wrote about Cabarete during Semana Santa (Easter Week). He was visiting from the States and his family here doesn't know his bizness. You know. Very nice guy, and one of the hottest guys on the beach that day. Ay, mi madre!

-- I'm not big on chatting online. Just don't understand typing what I can say with words on the phone. I have a Dominican friend who works the internet like he invented it. He is one of those people that has several hundred numbers in his phone and can't remember one guy from the next. But I digress. My friend chats with so many people and asked me to talk with this guy from San Francisco de Marcoris. He is a semi-professional basketball player. Several weeks go by and he wants to come and visit. Because I am such a pessimist, I thought, hmmm, what is it exactly that he wants. My friend and I decide to send him the bus fare to come down and hang out with us. We thought nothing more of it, until we got a call from him saying he was at the bus station in Santo Domingo. We were not ready for this 6' 8" man. I now follow the local basketball scene very carefully. I mean, wouldn't you?

For those wondering about the policeman I met. Nothing much has happened. He is a nice guy and we talk every couple of days, but that's it, but not really my type. Like I have one. I do now, and he a masculine, extremely attractive, the c
olor of honey and 6' 8." Did I mention that he also has a visa to travel outside of the country?

-- Ronnie, photo right, who used to work as a manager at Jay-Dee's, when it first opened, has died. He had some pretty serious surgeries and had been sick for some time. Jerry confirmed that he did in fact die. For those that knew him, and there were many, he was just one of the nicest people that you could ever want to meet. He will be sorely missed. (Photo courtesy of Scott Bordeleau)
-- The Nubian Dreams Cruise is down to its last 40 cabins. They now have their Sun Pass lineup. Act now before it's sold-out.

-- Terrance Dean has started a blog where he will be able to control what is fact, versus what is fiction, when his book drops.

-- Now we know that the Dominican elections are taking on massive support outside of the country. The Hollywood star, Vin Diesel, has come out with an endorsement of the current president. WTF? Anyway, he has made a video and it is playing on some stations.

What is the world coming, too?


Anonymous said...

Instead of "coming out" in favor of Leonel, Vin Diesel should come out and admit he's gay!

CLOAKED said...

Well Anthony, you know how I feel on this matter, He never care for me and my present anyway, maybe he saw that I could see through his lies just like I sniffed out inmate (Land's) lies. The part I don't get is when you promise a car, house, and trips to someone you care about or lease they think you care about them and leading that person on is just a big mess. Maybe he had money and something went wrong in the States, and did not have the balls to tell him he's broke and has to move back to the states. I guess it call "PRIDE".

John K said...

The pages of that memoir to end all memoirs are calling your name, Mr. Montgomery. As for Vin Diesel's endorsement, is that legal in DR, or does he now have dual citizenship? Isn't it illegal in the US for a non-citizen to donate money or create ads supporting a US presidential candidate? Although I guess they could do it on YouTube now and get away with it. Do you know if any of the notable Dominican Americans in Hollywood, like Alfonso Ribeiro, Miguel Nuñez, Zoe Saldana, Dania Ramirez, or Rick Gonzalez, are running ads endorsing Leonel or the other candidates? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mario Sessions cant take me! She never could! That Gorilla Faced Queen should go back to the misty forest and eat bamboo, with her shark teeth! Who cares about her $%#@ Opinion anyway? All those fuckin typos and missed punctuations n stuff.

Anthony DARLINK, your blog is fabulous!
Talk to you later love, this dominican has to go DEVOTE more time to chattin, and figuring out who the fuck all those dates are in my cell phone.



Lord I cant wait for Mario's response! BTW Love you Mario...muah...

the Allen gallery said...

Anthony.. i love your blog.. always have.. always will.

The D-R-A-M-A! It's like retelling an opera!

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of the basketball player?

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly ok to re-invent yourself only when its based on personal growth, evolution, and truth - and not lies, and self delusion. It's like Oprah says when people get rich - Money doesn't change you it enhances who are are! The same thing applies. In the US people (I assume) like Dr?? Leon are by most standards 'A No Body', ordinary but they come to the DR, and the cute, sexy bugarrones pay them homage (not for them, but for their money). And people like Dr??? Leons can't seem to put that into a perspective, and treat the situation as it really is. They turn into Michael Jacksons. They begin to believe that they are more than what they are. They buy into the false fame. They don't realize WHY they're really getting the attention. Its not for who they really are, its for who/what they represent(the false image). And all though they know its a large web of intrigue they've created, they've forces themselves to live up to the self-created hype. AND BOY WHEN THAT BUBBLE BURSTS!

Fellas as hard as it may be, try to KEEP IT REAL! You dont have to come to the DR and fake a life, finances, wealth ect ect... And if you have a Bugarron for a BoyFriend, and you THINK that now he's all yours because he's YOUR boyfriend WAKE THE FUCK UP! A bugarron is a bugarron is bugarron! Today, tomorrow, and forever! Becasue trust me, as soon as you get your ass on that plane to go back to the Europe or the USA, your boyfriend is back selling his ASS! Its in their nature, and no amount of money you send to keep your WHORE TOY of the streets will be enough. They like it! The like the Drugs, the sex, the defiance, they enjoy making a FOOL of YOU! And its amazing to most that someone thats 50 or more has a 19,20,21 year old boyfriend and the 50 year old thinks thats its a real realtionship. WAKE UP! Some of these OLD MEN truly believe that they are making a difference in the lives of the much younger men. Thats just plain BULL SHIT! I guess these idiots will continue to spend, and fantasize themselves into the poor house. If you foriegners dont wake up the next one mentioned will be YOU!

CLOAKED said...

Gurl you just been added to the no fly list.

Anonymous said...

Except the boyfriend in this story who knew that he was being given the tens of thousands of dollars in furniture, electronics and appliances from this apartment. Requested only one thing, a photograph of the boyfriend with the subject of the story and his family.

I wonder how many of the past and current boyfriends of the author would have held him in such regard.

Monaga said...

This last comment sounds like someone who knows the story. Unfortunately, the facts as you care to portray them are incorrect.

He had to take the furniture otherwise it would've been confiscated for non-payment of rent. What about not paying the maid. The "boyfriend" is not returning her calls. Or, what about the bounce checks and bills that are owed.

But, it still goes without saying WHY would you need to go through all that subterfuge and bullshit.

Here's one even better. Call me and then you can say it to me directly.

I mean, I know you're busy with your house in Cap Cana.

Yeah, right.

Scott said...

Hey Anthny, I hope all is well. Just wanted to say that I am deeply saddend to hear that Ronnie has passed away. May he rest in peace. And God bless his family.

Peace, Scott~

PS- I will try to see if I have a piture of him.

Anonymous said...

House in Cap Cana? yeah right! The debt he owes to his bookies back in the States is his Cap Cana; I always wanted to say this but the subject of this story looks like Madam that paper mache' Dummy back in the 80's. or Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. Yes or No?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, sadden to hear the loss of Ronnie,such a young man with so much life yet to live. May God Rest His Soul. My deepest regards to his family and friends.Just goes to show you we never know whats ahead ,so must always be prepared.I also found many of the posting in this area tonight, most interesting, Are there some haters out there??? smile. I sincerely think so,now thats sad.Self expression and verbalization is a good way to relieve stress and anger, so if that makes you happy, go for it...Jim From Houston,Tx.

WhozHe said...

So much drama in the DR.

A boyfriend with a visa is a good thing, he's a keeper.

Anthony, I hope to see you this fall when I come to Santo Domingo with a couple of friends.


Anonymous said...

The poster who wrote about the bugarrones not being reliable got me to look up this poem I had read. Feel free to substitute where it says "snake" for "bugarron" and "woman" for "gay man". Here goes...

"I saved you," cried the woman.
"And you bit me," tell me, "Why?"
"You know your bite is poisonous
and now I'm going to die!"
"Oh, shutup, silly woman!" said
the reptile with a grin.
"You knew damn well I was a snake
before you brought me in!"

Does anyone identify with this poem? I know that I do.
From Puerto Rico,

Nubian Dreams Blog said...

Thanks for posting the picture of Ronnie. He was always had a pleasant smile. He was a GOOD representation of the warm hearts in the Dominican Republic. May he rest in peace.

It just goes to show you that life isn't forever. What is important is that we treat each other with love so that when we pass over we will be remembered fondly for our kindness and not our shade.

How are the kids at La Casa Rosada making out. Do they have enough food? Let us know.

Anonymous said...

I think it is in the milk not in the water!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"...but the subject of this story looks like Madam that paper mache' Dummy back in the 80's. or Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. Yes or No?"


Yep. That's the troll being referred to.

Joseph said...

It seems to me that Leonel has been able to accomplish more for the country--albeit in small steps--than any other president has in a very long time. Gosh, last time I lived in DR Balaguer was still president and he could barely see. Oh, the irony.

But I love that Vin Diesel is supporting Leonel. Why is he, I am not sure. I did read somewhere that he was, like, 1/33333 Dominican or some foolishness like that.

Anyway, love the site--keeps my dominicaness up to date.

Anonymous said...

mira este dominicano !

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I love reading about other peoples drama. Must mean I need to get a life.

But being pretentious is what so many of us do. I have friends like that. It's almost like they don't feel good about themselves unless someone envies them.

Very sad.