Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5th Anniversary of Escandalo Nights (NYC)


Anonymous said...

Oh Anthony, when I open this blog just a few ago, and saw these pictures, I asked my self?? SELF HAVE YOU DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN???then I realize I was still here on earth.. Where are these sexy men??All In NYC??? How lucky they are to have such hot sexy studly men available to them.Am I wrong, they all look latin??Nena have u been to this club??Is this really how it is???Thanks Anthony for sharing all these delightful pictures, greatly appreciated. JIM from Houston,Tx.

Nena Nuyorican said...

I met one of those strippers in person in washington heights and it's my belief that he uses additives in his dancing outfit...well let's say....when I felt it...he pulled away fast as that boner was not a boner, LOL LOL LOL sorry to tell his secret, lmao...i'm not saying which dancer tho....!He truly has body down but NOT as hung as he me on that, lmaooooo oh boy now I'll hear all about this, LOL!