Monday, May 25, 2009


Honestly, with the economic problems going on I didn't think there would be a huge crowd visiting for the Memorial weekend. I kept getting calls and emails asking what was going on for that weekend. As far as I knew, no one was doing anything special. I had been speaking with the owners of Eukliptus, because I had been getting some NOT nice reports about things going on there. I went to them and told them what was being said. I told them that there were going to be many people coming down for the weekend and they should plan something. They didn't say anything, so I decided to do something. After I decided to cancel on Saturday, they asked me for some stripper numbers and said they were going to be putting something together for Sunday. By all accounts is was crowded and a success. There are still people here (sitting at Paco's as I write!).

I'm curious. For those that visited this past weekend, did you have a good time?
Photos by Mario Sessions


timon said...


wow, the rain was a real downer, but it was still a good week. you put a lot of work into the bar friends event, but the electricity stole the show, i stopped by thursday night to find just the bartender in the place, and was concerned whether they would be ready for friday. nevertheless, the event was well attended. please try it again!

the stripper shown below with the army hat was sizzling.

so eukliptis had a bit of a show on saturday with a couple of strippers but seemed overwhelmed by the crowd. they ran out of cups and ice.

here's my question, eukliptus charged americans 150 peso cover charge but the dominicans got in for free on saturday. curious how others felt about this policy.

Anonymous said...

Honestly,I hate how they exploit the Americans. The locals don't get hassled to buy drinks,but we do. They want to change 150 pesos and the locals walk in and out. Just because we(americans) make sacrifices to travel, charge airfares and sometimes hotels they still treat us like an ATM. When will they learn it's us that keeps their businesses going not the locals (yeah we know the answer to that but I'm home now and it's behind me). The RD will never give the gay tourist respect, we accept it and go there or we don't, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, please breathe some life or business know-how in these folks. and not the business of over-pricing the drinks as they are watered down. Come on Ace, you know what the gay traveler wants! it is not to be in Eukliptus with the bartenders having their girlfriends behind the bar or sitting by the door when the night before they were letting in all hang out (literally). this whole notion of just getting $$ out of Americans hands because they have it to spend is getting real tired and is wearing away at me and my friends. And Anthony, you know how fickled us Americans are, we will go elsewhere to find what we want. So please, save the city!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post. I intentionally lowered my expectations..I didn't expect Miami, Washington DC, and my boys just wanted to get away and enjoy a new environment. With that said, the clubs here need to take a course on respect. To see some people get in free and made us pay was not right. The drinks were like kool-aid. Bartenders and strippers with girlfriends?! I won't continue because there is much more to be said. I just hope that the owner of this site convey the message to these club owners...I'll be checking back here to see if changes were made, if not, we will continue to go to Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

All very interesting commets, what is the real story plus what's going on over there??These statements do not sound very positive.I find all three strippers hot,sexy, and good looking however, the one in red and black heat my blood up to a boil and put me in heat.. smile.. so therefore ,hope to see them when I am over there this summer.Nena hope your feeling better.JIM from Houston, Tx.

Anonymous said...

Is charging foreigners at the clubs a new thing? I don't recall that ever happening before.

Anonymous said...

I came to Santo Domingo. A lot of cute boys, but I got tired of people begging for money. Is DR that poor? They do exploit Americans, but we exploit them too, I guess. Overall, a good place to visit if you want to have sex and throw money away, but not else going on. But I must say the Dominicans keep it real! I am not sure if I would come back to Santo Domingo.

Anonymous said...

I just didn't like the way we were treated. Dominicans treat Americans like we are an ATM. I had to tell one Dominican boy that where I come from if you don't work, you don't eat. They act like they have a right to my money that I work for.

Nena Nuyorican said...

ok, I'm not going to read any more blogs before my vacation to the DR.........don't want to change my mind........."lies", I'll keep reading and commenting now and then.

Let's just look at the history of some past events....the sports bar closed due to a number of issues which included the "owner/proprietor" did not want to lower the rent and for a year or more, there was NO business renting there. I guess the owner felt it's better to have no rent coming in then to compromise with the American(s) and lower the rent so they can stay in business.
Many of us talked about how some "natives" fell a sense of "entitlement" and many gay tourists help that sense of entitlement...have a few drinks and then say--F***It i'm on vacation let me have a great time...only we can change it and I truly hope that this trip coming up for me doesn't turn me off to the point that I don't want to go back....I love the caribbean, I love my latinos, Ricans, Dominicans and Cubans!

Jim, thanks for the shout out, went to a pulmonary specialist and he began another regime of that dreaded drug for asthmatics...."prednisone"..oh well...i'll have to deal and thanks for the concern.

Maybe we can change things but I doubt many just really don't care, so traveler beware!

****Anthony, If only Yolanda Vega calls my lotto numbers even if it's just a 1/4 of a million ....and to quote JIM seems like my dream to retire to the caribbean will be trips to RIIS park/beach, LOL!

CLOAKED said...

wassup Anthony i'm back in the states but not home yet. I had a great time this weekend even with some of the shady Americans sitting a paco's LOL. I understand its there first time at the Rodeo. Let do something on the 4th of July, if not see you next month!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster that DR is a good place to throw money away and have sex, but nothing else is going on there - what an uncultured individual you must be. I do not travel to the Dominican Republic for sex. I travel there for the freedoms that they have, the laid back life away from the name brands, people with beefed up job titles, and materialism here in the United States. I go there for the pristine beaches that aren't frequented, the great food, and the spirit of the people that just need music, brugal, and presidentes to have one of the best parties you've ever attended. If all you're going for is sex, then maybe you need to stay in the United States and get an Adam4Adam account. There are plenty of people to appease you on that front.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like:

1. a new crop of first time visitors at the same time the Dominican Republic is heading on a downward spiral.

2. Those that come down often are seeing the same downward spiral.

3. The queens are still at Paco's (Still?)

3. I've never read so many negative comments about the night life-especially after a long holiday weekend. What on earth happened to JD's? Someone please! That used to be the best spot in town.

It's a gold mine sitting down there but it seems like a lot of the club owners are trying to get as much out of tourists as they can before the party is over.

Anthony, thank you for keeping the party going and taking care of visitors.

I hope DR can return to the fun place it used to be.

And to answer the question posed above, Yes; they really, really are that poor.

And for the other poster regarding traveling down for sex, It's good that you don't do such things, but keep in mind DR is a sex tourist destination. No judgments on those who choose to partake.

Anonymous said...

To the individual who called me an uncultured individual because I said that DR is a good place to throw money away and have sex, I would say that I owe you or no one any explanation for how to choose to spend my money or what I choose to do with my body.

For the record, however, while I was in Santo Domingo, I went to the beach (even though the bus driver tried to charge us $100 round trip to take us to the beach.) I went to the cathedral, panteon, drank lots of el presidente beer, purchased art, and made some new Dominican friends who by and large were very welcoming and warm-hearted.

However, as a whole, the Dominicans, I felt, were a little overzealous in their pursuit of our money. Maybe I would be the same way if I were in their situation. About 46% of Dominicans live below the poverty level and it was my first time visiting a developing country.

I am not in the habit of paying for sex, and it is not something that I am proud of doing while I was in Santo Domingo.

To the person who said that he goes to DR to escape American materialism and beefed up job titles, I would say: How ironic that while you are escaping mindless American materialism, the Dominicans are running towards it and embracing it.

What this whole visit confirmed for me is the dire economic plight of people of color all over the diaspora (DR's next door neighbor (Haiti) is even worse off economically and politically.) I just wonder by visiting DR are we really contributing to the madness or helping these people live better and more prosperous lives or are they being exploited by our own prurient nature?

Anonymous said...

As a whole, Dominicans don't treat each other much better.

The overwhelming majority of Dominicans sail in the same financial boat and use foreigners (not just Americans) to stay afloat and fill the sails. Though you are on vacation, they're not. This is work for them.

Tourism has dropped off dramatically and these guys are making a lot less $. This weekend was a feeding frenzy for all of them since they don't know when the next opportunity for $ will come again.

DR is not the only country with 2 tier pricing. They're just not very good at hiding it.

Don't take it personally. Learn to negotiate. And that fine man u met this weekend that will be calling/emailing u very soon is not your boyfriend. Do not send gifts.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not our prurient nature. Sitting down to get a haircut has nothing to do with lust and yet they over-charge Americans by 300% over the locals. Pray each time you get in a taxi that you won't have to call the law on the driver when he tells you how much the fare is when you get to your destination. My friends take out our calculators when we receive the tab from a day at the beach. one presidente carries the price of 3 presidentes. I've seen visitors (Europeans)leave beach chairs and their food untouched when a bill is brought to them, with one screaming that she was lied to by the guys working for the establishement on the beach. We want to have a good time, but not with one hand in our pocket, guarding our pesos. Having said all that, it's buyer beware as we will continue to visit DR time and time again. You become wise to their ways and have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Santo Domingo does not have a good tourist culture. If you go outside of the capital and stay at a reputable resort you will probably have a good experience because the conditions there are very controlled. However, the capital is a mess, and you really are taking your chances, especially as a gay tourist. Also, keep in mind you are experiencing a fragment of Dominican reality. There are people in that insane city who try very hard to lead honest lives, people who care about the survival of our culture and our society, and they have nothing to do with what goes on at the bars. Unfortunately, we do not have leaders who teach us by their example to be proud of our achievements and have a sense of fraternity. That dog eat dog world that tourists are forced to endure is just an extreme expression of our problems. Nevertheless, it does not represent all of our wonderful, exasperating reality.
Ramon Figueroa
Jackson, Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Hi All, It appears or sounds like many were fooled by the some of the local taxi drivers,(when I first visited there this happen to us has well) one should always find out how much they charge to take you to any destination, no matter how far, same when your considering dining at a particular resturant,look at the menu and see how much a certain dinner cost before you even sit down to order.The same primciples(sp) applys to Hotels, before you make reservations, you check out the cost for the room , right??Based on that information you make a decision.It all boils down to using good common sense along with reasonable judgement, has to what your budget will allow.Sure there are those locals that will take advantage of you, if you allow it.I have been down to Santo Domingo quite a few times and have always enjoyed my visit along with what they have to offer,inculding the local people,(to me they are a very kind caring people), great food along with an interesting history and culture, not to mention the beautiful beaches. smile.Has for charging visitors money to get into clubs and not the locals, I have seen just the reverse of that, if they did charge you an entry fee you were given a ticket for a free drink or beer once inside.No different than here in the USA, however here in the US many times you may not get a free drink, so really what is the difference.Everyone who owns a club or business is out to make money right??The bottom line is if your not happy visiting or going there then find somewhere else to spend you money,simple has that.I happen to love the place and will cont'i to visit has often has my finacnes allows me.Enjoy life and do what ever makes you happy.JIM from Houston,Tx.

Nena Nuyorican said...


T-D Moderator said...

Wow, such interesting comments. I too have had similar feelings regarding over-priced drinks, over-priced buggarones, two sets of admission prices at the clubs, etc.

The more I have returned to the DR I have learned to negotiate where negotiation is acceptable. Otherwise, I have learned to accept things as they are.

If you don't want to be overcharged for something then NEGOTIATE. If you're not good at it, then visit during the off-season or when there is nothing going on. That way, YOU have the upper hand because there are not that many tourists in town clammering to get what you want.

I was just there on a family vacation in February and treated my mom to a day of pampering. She had her hair done, fingernails AND a pedicure all for 10 US dollars. So, you can get a deal if you know what you;re doing.

Mainly, I've learned to get out of the tourist areas and into the city. Also, learn to speak the language!

I always enjoy my time in the DR and it's because I've learned to accept some cultural differences.

By the way, locals wanting your hard-earned dollar is not a DR thing. I've had the same thing happen to me in Jamaica and any other destination where tourism is a major income.

Anonymous said...

I think some Americans like to throw their money around and pay outrageous prices so that they can feel rich for the weekend or week that they are there. Good common sense can get you decent prices. Someone does need to tell the Eukliptus to quit overcharging on drinks, quit watering the drinks down and leave their girlfriends home.......their business is way down and those are 3 of the reasons.

Anonymous said...

omg, I haven't received so many calls about the dominican republic and how so many had such a terrible times in all my years going there. what went wrong at paco's? at the bars? calls from Florida and nyc described the dominican rep as a nightmare, money scavengers, rude service, over charging americans now I'm thinking of cancelling my trip in july. wonder how much american will charge me to change my destination? oh man, this truly sucks. I have never heard this what has truly gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

To the 10:00PM post, don't change your travel plans. The worldwide economic situation is affecting how things are at the moment coupled with the difficulty in operating a business in any city, in any part of the world which is of course, subject to us humans being fickled. The old haunts are gone or are on life support, replaced by the glitz and glitter of super max discos like Cha and the new one which just opened. Unfortunately, establishments like JDeez didn't or ignored the hand-writing on the wall and refused to change their marketing/promotions before everyone fled. If boys are your concern, trust, you can still find them. Let your vacation now center around daytime activities such as the beach, mountains, and just getting out and seeing the remainder of the country - it's beautiful. Then, make your nights meaningful by enjoying warm tropical breezes, laughs with your friends, and oh, cuddling up to that piece you snatched up at the beach earlier that day. I know, I know, it sounds straight out of a tourist brochure, but that is the reality of how things are and how you can carve out a great vacation for yourself. And do splurge a bit, afterall, you are on vacation.

Nena Nuyorican said...

I also received a call from someone that traveled to the DR his friends were there for the memorial holiday and they reported back to him what a terrible time they had and how horrible they were treated. I said my plans are made and I enjoy other things that living for the "boys". While I wish I was a driver and got a chance to venture more, I enjoy going to the beach, 2 nites at a resort and just running around. So far my plans for my summer trip to the DR hasn't changed. August is a few months away and no rush to change. I remember when the sports bar closed and the buzz was OHHHHH what are we going to do without the sports bar? People survived and found other venues while some reminisce about the early evenings at the sports bar. I still have time to learn to drive,hahahaahah!but driving in the DR?phewwwwwwwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU 10:22am poster! I could'nt have said it better myself. People, the DR is a BEAUTIFUL island and if you have any sense of adventure you will discover the simple pleasures that lay outside of the colonial zone and Santo Domingo.

Anonymous said...

During my recent first time visit during the Memorial holiday I was not at all disturbed by any of the referenced Dominican cultural practices. I have learned during the course of my international travels to accept other cultures as they are, realizing that American culture certainly has its own share of problems. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dominican culture, but somehow found the Americans living there rather "issuated"(my own made up word)!!! I really could not find another word to best describe them ... Any suggestions ??? As a disclaimer, I'll be the first to say "WE" are rather "issuated" while living here in the USA as well :) :) :) My hats off to the Dominicans ... Do what you do BEST ... It's a Crab in the Barrel mentality in America as well; whatever it takes to hang on to the success of others or pull them down in our attempts to get ahead. Can We ALL Just Get Along and appreciate each others differences ???

Anonymous said...

Creating your own words and languages is very clever. But pray tell WTF does it mean?

Anonymous said...

It seems that most of the comments are from people who went to Santo Domingo during Memorial Day. Frankly, I completely understand why an establishment will overcharge the tourists. This actually is not an uncommon practice. In Puerto Rico, they have "special" rates for islanders who stay at hotels on the weekend, and you have to provide proof of residency. Disney World provides discounts for Florida residents. So do some of the airboat parks in the everglades. There are several benefits to doing this. First, you all go to the DR to see the locals. But the locals CAN'T afford to go out every weekend and pay a cover. They want the locals to come to their establishments during holidays as well as off season. It's no different than "ladies night" which is very common in the US, and we accept what amounts to blatant gender based discrimination. Other cultures might find this offensive and unacceptable.
Here in Miami, during that same weekend that you are complaining about payint $4 to enter the club, they were charging $30 to get into clubs that normally cost $10. I can remember back in the 1990s Traxx DC would charge $25 during Memorial day weekend, when the regular charge was $3. Keep things in perspective, guys. Simply put, if the clubs continue to charge locals, they won't come. They have to charge "something" because their clubs are only thriving for a few weeks out of the year, corresponding with American holidays and vacation seasons.

If these clubs charge the same to the tourists as they do to the dominicans, you will find yourselves in a club full of tourists, with few, if any hot domincans to look at. The only ones that will show up are the ones for sale because they know they'll easily make their $5 back and they will be even more agressive in trying to sell their services to you.

If you make it very very clear that you are not paying for sex, word will travel and they'll leave you alone. I've been to the island 4 or 5 times in the past few years, rarely on major holidays, and i find that things work out fine when i tell them (in spanish, that i'm not here looking to pay for dates) My problem is with the corrupt cops, but that's for another blog.

Rest assured that the exploitation of tourists is HARDLY idiosyncratic to tourists. Taxi cab drivers in NY and DC are notorious for trying to overcharge tourits. It happens get over it. Learn to negotiate ahead of time, don't be obnoxious and arrogant and act as if the dominicans are beneath you, and have a great time....

Anonymous said...

It's the sense of entitlement so many have in the DR which you don't find in other 3rd world tourist destinations. many are humble, treat a tourist with respect and they are most of the time treated the same way but when your livlihood depends on tourism stop the bullshyt, cuba will open soon and then the DR does what?

Anonymous said...

True enough it seems that the domincans in Santo Domingo, particularly the ones who hang on or near the Conde, expect that you will wine, dine and tip them for their company. I suspect if you travel beyond the borders of the colonial zone, you will find that third world charm, wrapped in humility that makes you almost want to give them money to help them out. These expectations, however, are not just a dominican concept. You'll find this also in Brazil, and, believe it or not, Nicaragua. I travel to Nicaragua frequently and there are guys there who have exactly the same expectations as some of the domincans about whom we speak. True enough, it's not as prevalent, but it is there. The funny thing is that you get a lot LESS for your money in Nicaragua. I squarely blame the tourists for the situation in the DR. They wouldn't expect big tips if people didn't give them.

John K said...

Cuba may open up sooner rather than later, but let me assure you, it will take a huge effort and massive amounts of money for it to meet the basic standards in terms of hotel quality and tourist infrastructure that's in place in DR, Brazil, or many other Latin American destinations. Another issue is cost; unless Cuba revalues its external currency drastically it won't be able to complete with DR (or Brazil, Panama, etc.). Just saying.

Nena Nuyorican said...

If the "queens" didn't go boy crazy and know their $$$ can buy almost any guy for sex (especially the guys they dream about back home) then maybe there wouldn't be such a frenzy for the US$ but again even the local woman do the same when the american men and neigboring islanders come to visit

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of the comments here! I'm in the DR almost every month and I see the same queens/the gays with the negative comments here doing what they write about IE: paying the boys too much money, not wanting to pay the simple 4.17 US dollars to get into a bar, where in America we, yes we pay way more for the boys and the clubs. If you can't afford to leave the main land and enjoy yourself in another country stay your country ass home. Some of you haven't even seen another country! and the main one with the comments here waiting on your sister/Good Judy, to come back with photo's and the experiences they have had, then you go posting the hearsay's comments on a the blogs. I bet the gays behind the negative comments about the DR are the ones throwing large amounts of money around, buying the boys drinks, shoes, food boys and their families, drugs, and more. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, SAY THE F$%K HOME! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!

Anonymous said...

I was there .. the rain was a killer for the weekend but then it pictked up ... The strippers at Eukyliptus should have performed longer ... but it was fun .. that Cineme Lido is scandalous and I LOVED it