Friday, May 22, 2009

Rain, Rain go Away!

May is usually the rainy month. I don't recall it raining that much last May. But this May it has rained everyday in the month. And now, there is some tropical storm hovering about. Whatever, the party must go on. There are a lot of people in town and hopefully we will have a nice turnout. This beautiful specimen above has agreed to entertain tonight. See you there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,Just got your e/mail back and checked onto the site and got on with our any problems, possible it was when you were up dating that I tried to get on, who knows,however,thanks for the quick reply.This handsome man is one hot sexy piece of eye candy to behold for hours and hours.Have his number available when I get there.. smile ..Thanks JIM from Houston,Tx.
Shout out to Nena, hope your feeling better and the acute Asthma attack has passed.Blessing be with you.

Nena Nuyorican said...

oh man oh's friday, got home from a long ass day and was out in the field with one of my workers....I'm wishing I could be there but glad i'm not as the asthma is still kicking butt. Thanks JIM, slowly and hopefully surely...seeing a specialist on Tuesday.
Have a great show and time this weekend "guys"!
Jim, all that smiling is giving you cheek cramps???? hahahaahah! Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Marco said...

Man, what a dreamboat...